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  • Residential Custom Building Design and Drafting (see example of 3D renderings: Exterior-1 )

  • Residential Remodeling Plan Development

  • Complete Set of Blueprints and Documentation

  • Assistance with Building Permits

  • Site Development and Planning (see example of house situated on building site here).

  • 3D Design Services and Renderings available (see example here: 3D Kitchen Rendering),  When you click on the link use the buttons to rotate the image.


Custom Home Design

R. Henry Construction enjoys creating fresh and innovative designs. We collaborate with homeowners, interior designers, and our project managers to evaluate each plan we design and pay attention to the small details that can subtly affect the look of the entire house.

Custom Home Design is based on anticipating and solving problems before the construction process starts. Some builders do not like the challenges that come with custom design, but we welcome the challenge of creating unique homes for our clients. Many people who visit us have searched through hundreds of plans, have a good idea of what they want, but it is not quite right yet.

That is where custom design comes into play. Effective design can ensure efficient use of space together with good proportions and strong visual appeal.


Remodeling Plan Design: Re-Defining your Home

Remodeling can sometimes be more involved than designing a brand new home. There are often structural elements that need to be evaluated, whether you move a wall or add a second story to the existng frame. R. Henry Construction has the advantage of combining experienced remodeling professionals with drafters and designers who understand what can and cannot be built. That is the primary benefit of our approach, you will know your design will work, and can be built, when the design is finished.

We will listen to your ideas and create a plan that meets your needs, while keeping your budget in mind. We begin with design ideas and concepts for your project, which then continue to be further refined until the final design is created. We will then create the necessary blueprints to submit for permit.


Commercial New Construction and Remodeling Design

Commercial work can be even more detailed and complicated with many rules and regulations that come into play. We can help you navigate the process.

We will design layouts for office spaces and tenant buildouts and with larger commercial projects, whether new construction or major remodeling, we will bring together the appropriate engineers and specialists as necessary.